Aileen Shackell Landscape Design

Aileen Shackell Landscape Design (ASLD) are the latest organisation to become ‘Friends of Neighbourhoods Green.’ The team at Neighbourhoods Green believe that their sensitive community focused approach to landscape design makes them an ideal partner for social landlords across the country. 


Landscape Institute Registered Practice, Aileen Shackell Landscape Design (ASLD) is a landscape architecture firm who specialise in working with housing associations. Their emphasis on community participation combined with their landscape-led approach to play provision, and design for health and wellbeing has seen them work with housing associations across the country. 

Experience and Approach

Led by Director Aileen Shackell working alongside Associate Phil Doyle ASLD work principally across London and the south of England but are prepared to offer wider geographical coverage on appropriate projects. 

Aileen has over 20 years’ experience of working on open spaces in the public domain and Phil brings the experience of several decades’ work in the public sector alongside a fantastic understanding of the design, management and usage of outdoor spaces and the communities they serve. The practice offers a wide range of services from training events and study tours, through to detailed design and assistance with implementation of schemes on site. Both Aileen and Phil have strong skills in community engagement and enjoy working closely with residents.


Amongst others, ASLD have previously worked with A2 Dominion and Old Ford Housing Association. They are currently working with East End Homes on landscape strategies for three estates currently undergoing major regeneration, and as term consultant to Sovereign Housing Association, preparing schemes for environmental improvements on estates across the home-counties and beyond.

Visit the ASLD website to find out more about their work.

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