Big Lunch Extras Invites Social Landlords to Speak at Upcoming Camps

Big Lunch Extras is a new free community programme delivered by the Eden Project designed to help people interested in bringing about small, positive changes in their neighbourhoods. 

It's a free programme to help people run good local projects - like community food groups, shared gardens, green routes in cities, sewing clubs and energy cooperatives - anything that will bring about positive change in their community.  It can help people establish green spaces where they live and develop stronger, healthier communities through working together to address a local issue.

Big Lunch Extras are running three day residential camps in April, May and July offering a mixture of practical activities, facilitated sessions and networking opportunities. The Camp participants are all individuals who have come with a general idea of what they would like to implement when they go back to their community. Some might already have set something up and are looking to expand their project or start something else, but the majority will probably be looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to get a project off the ground.

Big Lunch Extras would like to work with housing associations to ensure they reach the people and communities who would benefit most from their work, and are inviting housing associations to run a session at one of their upcoming camps. This could include a talk of between 20 and 40 minutes or a workshop of around an hour to an hour and a half. Sessions would need to be run twice over the weekend and so would require a time commitment of at least half a day and Big Lunch Extras would be able to pay a reasonable fee for this. There are slots available for speakers at the May and July camps. Details can be found on the events page of the website, here.

As an example the session could be around a case study or two of successful projects by social landlords and residents, highlighting the positive impact they have made in the communities, and giving practical tips and advice on how to engage community members and build a project from scratch.

For more information about the project please visit the Big Lunch Extras website.

If you are interested in running a session at one of the Big Lunch Extras Camps please contact Claire Crook.